If you listen to the Morning News for any amount of time you have no doubt heard me talk about my daughter Katelyn  - The "Gator".  At 10 years old she is a daily new lease on life for her dad - even if the lunch lady at her school thinks I her grandpa!

I was 56 when she was born and so I fully understand the age-ish confusion but it turns out that being parent a bit older in life might just be the way to really enjoy your child!
So to the question - "Does having kids make you happier?" there is this:
As reported in the Daily Mail, researchers from Dartmouth College and the Paris School of Economics found kids have a neutral or negative impact on their parents well-being, mostly because of how expensive they are to look after.
The data shows families can avoid this dip in well being if they have kids later in life, (like me!) when they are more financially stable. (not like me)   In that case their kids actually make them happier, with a few exceptions.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that raising one child in the U.S. from birth to age 17 costs just over $233,000.   Wow.  That's gonna take a LOT of happiness!

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