There is an article in the Patriot Post you really should read. It's titled A Black Man, No Longer a Victim written by Willie Richardson, who is a black man.  It is perfectly timed to the conversation on victimhood we had on the Morning News Wednesday morning.

My point was that as long as you see yourself as a victim, you are less likely to take the steps necessary to change your circumstances.  You will rely on and be beholding to someone else who can in turn, exploit your victimization for their own purpose.

Mr. Richards starts his story by saying he was frustrated by the information he received about the plight of Black America and then he went to the Cameroon in central Africa.

   "I was told that my ancestors were stolen from Africa and shipped to the Americas. I was told that my dark skin complexion would make others intimidated. I was told that as a black man, I already had two strikes against me — being male and black. I was told that I had to do twice as much as the “white man.” I was told that all the bad things that have happened to “black” people are a result of “white” people.
   These thoughts and ideas shaped my worldview until I traveled to Africa myself and spoke to the natives and listened to their oral history. "
What Willie Richards heard totally rearranged his thinking. He says it freed him from wearing "Liberal Guilt."
   "After listening to their testimonies I was delivered from the lies, confusion, frustration, and subconscious victimhood I lived under. I no longer think like a victim in America....(I live among) people who cannot understand how it is possible or even feasible to let go of victimhood.
This is MY worldview. It is no longer tainted with a victim mentality, toxic groupthink, vengeance, bitterness, hatred, spite, and unforgiveness."
A blog posting site called Medium  posted some insight on the dark side of feeling that you are a victim.

   "By believing other people and circumstances control how we think, feel, and dictate the choices we make––is to live in mental enslavement. Overcoming this mindset, freeing yourself from victimhood, can only be done by embracing a philosophy of personal responsibility for your own choices.....Wearing our misfortunes as a badge of honor, justifying our own self-pity...In reality, it allows us to wallow in our own mental shortcomings....The world owes us nothing. Believing others are advantaged where you are disadvantaged does nothing to change your circumstances. There is no knight in shining armor coming to rescue you from your own mindset of victimhood......just remember there are many politicians and bosses at the ready to exploit your false belief."


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