Mention climate change and the loudest voices on the left shout "Green New Deal!"  But there are other voices and another approach to consider coming from some conservatives.

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Another Approach To Climate Probling Solving

They call themselves "energy optimists and climate realists".  They are conservatives,
libertarians, and pragmatists of diverse political opinions and members of an organization called republicEn.

Instead of a direct push back or denial of climate change charges, republicENs believe that climate change is real, and they believe it's their duty to reduce the risks. What's unique is how they suggest America goes about it.

Inglis Leads The Charge

Six term former South Carolina Republican Congressman, Bob Inglis, was the ranking member for Energy and Environment on the House Science Committee and he started out as a climate change denier.  That has changed and now he is traveling around the country in targeted locations like easetrn Washington to spread a message of the power of American free enterprise to deliver the innovations to solve climate change

Inglis appeared on the radio this morning to talk about his free market approach.

When conservatives enter the competition of ideas about solutions, our ideas can win on their merits and bring the country together. If conservatives fail to compete, the
Environmental Left will keep a monopoly on the climate debate and drive America toward irresponsible policy like the Green New Deal.

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It's All About The Carbon

Specifically, Inglis champions the idea of imposing a carbon border adjustment as detailed in an opinion piece in RealClearEnergy

a fee on imports coming from countries that don’t have carbon reduction plans in place. These carbon fees would make it in the interest of our trading partners to join us in reducing carbon pollution.


Connecting the dots - Chinese steel pours CO2 from the cauldrons in the steel mills and from the coal-fired electricity plants that power the steel mills. That CO2 imposes world wide costs in the form of climate damage.  Bringing accountability for those costs is rock-solid, Reagan conservatism that would make Milton Friedman proud.

Inglis says -  "we’d collect a carbon border fee on steel coming from China. That fee would level the playing field between American steel produced under stringent environmental regulations and Chinese steel produced under lax conditions."

Here's what Inglis had to say this morning on News Talk KIT.


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