Domestic violence is a big problem everywhere in the state of Washington. In Yakima police say they answer hundreds of calls every year for people in domestic violence situations. In fact a woman was killed last month in Yakima after being beaten and run over by the father of her 2-year-old child.
14th District State Representative Gina Mosbrucker is very concerned about domestic violence and how it impacts the lives of people in Yakima and around the state. Mosbrucker on Monday reintroduced legislation that calls for a joint legislative task force to determine how the workplace can help in helping to stop domestic violence. A similar bill passed the house and senate last year but it was vetoed by the governor in order to save money for the pandemic. The new measure, House Bill 1315, would put together the same type of task force to look at ways in which the employer and employee community may help curb domestic violence.

"While the governor's veto last year was disappointing, it was understandable, because we were just in the beginning of the pandemic, and we didn't have the full picture of what the state would be up against, financially," says Mosbrucker. "This year, we have a better view and I'm very confident we can move this measure forward to become law."

According to a press release "the task force would be convened through the state Department of Commerce. A preliminary report with findings and recommendations would be submitted to the Legislature by Dec. 1, 2021. A final report would be submitted to the Legislature exactly one year later.

The measure has been referred to the House Labor and Workplace Standards Committee."

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