Yakima County Sheriff's Deputies have arrested a man and a woman for stealing firearms and hunting/camping gear from hunters.

Are you missing a rifle or camping gear?

Now the Deputies are hoping to reunite the items with owners. A press release from the Sheriff's Office says Deputies on Monday were called to the Tieton Reservoir Road when a hunter reported his rifle stolen from his hunting camp. The hunter was driving around and found a 2005 Mercedes parked at a campsite. He was able to see his stolen rifle in the vehicle. He didn't take any action and instead called authorities with the information.
A short time later a Deputy driving along Highway 12 spotted the suspect vehicle and stopped and detained the two people inside the vehicle. While speaking with the man and woman they admitted to stealing rifles and camping gear from multiple locked and unlocked vehicles in the area.

Deputies found rifles and camping gear in the suspects campsite

Deputies then found the couple's campsite and could see inside a tent multiple firearms, tools, a chainsaw, and binoculars. With the help of the hunter, Deputies were able to solve 6 theft cases, recover 10 firearms, and some hunting/camping gear.
Authorities say the man and woman admitted to driving from the west side of the State to specifically steal from hunters.

Deputies say don't leave rifles or other gear in your car

They were arrested and booked into the County Jail on theft, possession of stolen property, theft of a firearm, possession of a firearm, and unlawful possession of a firearm since both are not allowed to possess firearms.
Officials from the Yakima County Sheriff's Office say this is another reminder to not leave firearms in unattended vehicles.

If anyone had firearms or hunting gear stolen in the past week, please email justinp@co.yakima.wa.us. or call the Yakima County Sheriff's Office at 574-2500.

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