The idea of Daylight Saving Time (not Daylight Savings Time as so many say and type) is an ancient tradition that needs to be abolished.

Well, maybe not that harsh, but still.

For over 100 years we, along with many other countries, spring forward and fall back every year for the notion of having extra day light in spring and summer and lose the light in fall and winter.

Because nothing says 'this was what I signed up for' by leaving work at 5 p.m. when it's pitch black outside. Yeah, that's always fun.

Versus having to drive eastbound with direct sunlight straight into your face on the way to work, then driving westbound with the sun back in your face on the way home. Maybe they were onto something this whole time.

warm sunbeams in autumn forest

Since we're saying daylight in Spring, Daylight Saving Time comes to a close Sunday, November 5th where you can set your clock back an hour. Most of your devices may do this for you but, like, your microwave may not.

People say they get an extra hour of sleep but it's on a Sunday so unless you're working on Sunday morning you'd probably never know.


Arizona has it right. The state of Arizona stood up and says 'Naw, we ain't doing that' so they don't and good on them.

The website The Medium also has several health reasons why it's not wise to change clock times from ruining your natural sleeping patterns to stats that include higher risk of car accidents and more. Pretty interesting stuff.

Here in just a little bit, November 5th, we'll set our clocks back once again. Maybe this time for the last time? We'll see. I know several states are wanting Daylight Saving Time to end. I'm all for it.

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