Ag News: Pizza Day in U.S.
When we celebrated National Cheese Pizza Day, the dairy farmers seen a large spike in Cheese sales. Cheese consumption increased by more than 40% since 1995!
Papa John’s Making Changes; Hops Production Increases
Papa John’s International announced the pizza chain will begin using chicken products that have been raised without human or animal antibiotics by next summer. The Louisville, Kentucky based company said it’s working with its suppliers to make sure the chicken it buys not only has never had antibiotics, but also has been fed a 100-percent vegetarian diet. The...
Tip; Good Things Happens To Good People
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — More than two weeks after a church congregation in Ohio tipped a pizza delivery driver $1,000, a church in Anchorage has upped the stakes. Anchorage television station KTVA reports that Ken Felber has been a pizza delivery driver for 14 years...
You are Invited to Christian’s First Birthday Party for a Great Cause
Meet Christian. Not only is he one of the most adorable kids you've ever seen in your life, he was born with heterotaxy - a condition where one's organs are all mixed up. Most usually don't live to see their first birthday but, in Christian's case, he's about to turn one years old and is inviting everyone to his birthday party at Abby's on Monday, March 3rd! Proceeds of sales will benefit National

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