Before I moved to Yakima I heard how violent and nasty it was. Once I moved here I found that it was actually quite pleasant and, with all the rolling hills and trees, more attractive than I had been led to believe. I was also told that the violence has subsided greatly from what it was 15-20 years ago.

So in an attempt to find out what was new, exciting and unusual locally, I typed "Yakima" into the search engine on YouTube. Hopefully no one who is thinking of moving or visiting here does that or they'll never set foot here. On the first page alone, 11 of the videos featured either gangs, fights, police or road rage. I was thinking of posting all the videos here, but why glorify the nastiest elements in Yakima? Instead I thought I'd post my interpretation of how I see these folks, mentally and emotionally, when they resort to violence. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I typed "Seattle" into a YouTube search engine and there was only one video with any violence and it wasn't gangs but anarchists vs. police. Ironic.

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