Police arrest suspect in 14-year-old's killing
Authorities have arrested a suspect in Monday's killing of 14-year-old Kabin Smith of Yakima.
According to a Yakima Police news release issued late Friday afternoon by Capt. Jeff Schneider, YPD and members of the Yakima County Violent Offenders Task force took the suspect, 23-year-old Luiz Barre…
As bad as sex offenders?
Yakima, you need to sit down. It's time for a family meeting.
Things are not going very well in our city.
Say what you want about elections, but no one has been getting this problem right in Yakima for awhile.
A lot of what ails our community can be summed up by this one map made with Google Maps:
New map shows gang areas
It's been a tough week or so concerning continued gang violence in Yakima, and it's got many of us uneasy and a bit scared. Now a new Google Map plots out the turf of some of Yakima's gangs.
I know violence can strike anywhere, but some areas of Yakima might be best avoided i…
Is Yakima Synonymous With Violence?
Before I moved to Yakima I heard how violent and nasty it was. Once I moved here I found that it was actually quite pleasant and, with all the rolling hills and trees, more attractive than I had been led to believe. I was also told that the violence has subsided greatly from what it was 15-20 y…
Safe Yakima Valley Hosts Community Meeting About Violence [VIDEO]
The weather has taken a turn, not just for the better but for the incredible. Record warm temperatures pulls us all outside including those with evil intent.  In the past couple of week Yakima has seen a number of homicides, Union Gap had a fatal shooting and a couple of drive by shootings were…

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