Now this is an interesting concept.  We all need to exercise for good physical health right? And we are told that learning new things and new skills will help keep our brains in good health, right?  Well, new research shows that one supports the other.

McGill University researchers asked test subjects perform a task, and then half of them exercised for 15 minutes, and the other half did not exercise.

The next day both groups were asked to perform the same task again.  Those who exercised were much better at the task than the group that did not exercise the day before.  So, building the body helps build the brain?

Researchers found that after exercise, there was less activity in participants' brains, and this slowing down of  neural activity helped to streamline the brain's activities-- meaning there was less "mental noise" and therefore fewer thoughts to compete with the new information they were processing.

Exercise helped clear the mind and a fresh mind learned the task better.  Think how you might apply that to new things you are trying to learn.  (Daily mail)

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