C'mon guys, are we this shallow?  Apparently so!   University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University researchers polled 195 adults and found men rated a restaurant meal as more delicious when it was served by a good looking waitress!

Really? Hashtag hasbrowns taste better???  Researchers found that men reported tastier food when served by a woman wearing make-up with her hair down, as opposed to a tired-looking woman with her hair up.

Also, when men were given a glass of orange juice-- they reported it tasted sweeter when they were shown a photo of an attractive woman before drinking it.  That's  totally believable but equally sad, isn't it?

Women polled, on the other hand, were far more interested in the location and noisiness of the restaurant, and the attractiveness of their server had no impact on how they rated their dining experience.   C'mon guys, time to up our game...pass the ketchup!  (DailyMail)

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