My dogs Tater and Clover will be proud to hear this news, while my grand-dog Louie will have his nose out of joint.

A new study has revealed each state's most favored dog breed in the US, with the Golden Retriever taking the top spot as the most popular breed.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers Most Searched Breed in the US

The study conducted by pet nutrition experts at PetLab analyzed over 200 AKC-recognized dog breeds alongside keywords such as 'buy' and 'adopt' through Google's Keyword Planner to produce a ranking for each state's most searched-for breed over the past 12 months.

My Golden Retrievers, Tater (4 ½) and Clover (4) were proud to hear that their kind came out at the top of the rankings as the most searched-for dog breeds over the past year. 38 states favor the breed the most, including our home state of Washington, along with larger populated states such as California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Brian Stephenson
Brian Stephenson

Golden Retrievers are an extremely popular breed for families due to their kind nature and ease of training. We certainly have found them to be wonderful family members, even though they share far too much hair in every nook and cranny of the house. They are also very popular within the celebrity community, with celebs like Ryan Reynolds, Nick Jonas, Oprah Winfrey, and Jimmy Fallon all owning a Golden.

A spokesperson at PetLab commented: "Whether people are looking to adopt, foster, buy, or just browse through cute pictures online of dogs, it is clear to see the US is obsessed with our furry friends. It is interesting to see that the most popular breed across the country, the Golden Retriever, has popularity by a landslide with some of the most populated states opting for the charming breed."

French Bulldogs #2 for Dog Breed Searches in the US

Emily Stephenson
Emily Stephenson

My awesome two-year-old grand-dog Louie was probably a bit irked that the second most popular breed in the US is the French Bulldog. It is certainly true that Frenchies are friendly, affectionate, and comical dogs, making them an easy choice for those looking to adopt, foster, or buy.

King Louie, as my daughter has dubbed him, is a special-needs little fellow and is deaf. That does not stop him from ruling the roost in Seattle. French Bulldogs are the most favored dog breed in nine states, including Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

This past Halloween Louie was seen dressed up as, are you ready? – Doggie Parton. (He's gonna kill me!)

Emily Stephenson
Emily Stephenson

Most Popular (Searched-for) Dog Breed in the US by State

  • Alabama - Golden Retriever
  • Alaska - Newfoundland
  • Arizona - Golden Retriever
  • Arkansas - French Bulldog
  • California - Golden Retriever
  • Colorado - Golden Retriever
  • Connecticut - Golden Retriever
  • Delaware - Golden Retriever
  • Florida - Golden Retriever
  • Georgia - French Bulldog
  • Hawaii - French Bulldog
  • Idaho - Golden Retriever
  • Illinois - Golden Retriever
  • Indiana - Golden Retriever
  • Iowa - Golden Retriever
  • Kansas - Golden Retriever
  • Kentucky - Golden Retriever
  • Louisiana - French Bulldog
  • Maine - Golden Retriever
  • Maryland - Golden Retriever
  • Massachusetts - Golden Retriever
  • Michigan - Golden Retriever
  • Minnesota - Golden Retriever
  • Mississippi - French Bulldog
  • Missouri - Golden Retriever
  • Montana - Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Nebraska - Golden Retriever
  • Nevada - French Bulldog
  • New Hampshire - Golden Retriever
  • New Jersey - Golden Retriever
  • New Mexico - French Bulldog
  • New York - Golden Retriever
  • North Carolina - Golden Retriever
  • North Dakota - Golden Retriever
  • Ohio - Golden Retriever
  • Oklahoma - French Bulldog
  • Oregon - Golden Retriever
  • Pennsylvania - Golden Retriever
  • Rhode Island - Golden Retriever
  • South Carolina - Golden Retriever
  • South Dakota - Golden Retriever
  • Tennessee - Golden Retriever
  • Texas - French Bulldog
  • Utah - Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Vermont - Golden Retriever
  • Virginia - Golden Retriever
  • Washington - Golden Retriever
  • West Virginia - Golden Retriever
  • Wisconsin - Golden Retriever
  • Wyoming - Bernese Mountain Dog

*The study conducted and information provided by: PetLab


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