The college debate - Athletics or Academics - where do we spend the money?

How about on both?

And you can, if the project is right.

Central Washington University (CWU) has launched a $60.5 million Health Education project to renovate and expand the iconic Nicholson Pavilion and adjacent instructional facilities.

Fitness, Health And Health-Education Are A Big Deal


The facilities on the north end of the CWU campus serve a variety of health education programs, including the state’s largest teacher preparation program in health.  As much interest as there is in health today and as important as health careers are to the economy serving our aging population, it sounds like a great and timely project.

The Washington State Legislature and private donors are paying for the long-overdue renovation of the 63-year-old Nicholson Pavilion and aging Purser Hall.  A dozen years in the wanting, the multi-phase Health Education Project will include classroom upgrades, additional meeting space, an expanded fieldhouse, two new weight-training areas, and the construction of a lobby/vestibule area.

Making Elbow Room For Excellence

The CWU Announcement says:

The overarching goal of the project is to provide faculty and students in the Sport and Movement Studies department with the resources they need for 21st-century instruction and development. In addition to having larger, modernized office and classroom spaces, the department will be able to take advantage of a dedicated weight room that will be used only for academic disciplines. Sport and Movement Studies currently shares the Nicholson weight room with Athletics, and the new spaces will allow both departments to work more independently.

The Dance and Physical Education Teaching programs have been building momentum year after year, while the Northwest Center for Sport continues to grow since it was introduced in 2017. Physical activity courses such as weight training, yoga, Pilates, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and ultimate frisbee also continue to be popular among students, with more than 1,000 enrollments during a typical quarter.

Facility As Recruiter/Retainer

The faculty believes the revamped north campus will quickly enhance CWU’s reputation as a top higher-education destination on the West Coast. The new facilities are also expected to provide added incentives for students, athletes, and faculty to consider coming to Central.


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