When you do an Amazon search for book titles that start with "A Field Guide To" you will discover the motherlode of variety from birds, to reptiles, to gemstones, to market strategy, to Human error, to a zillion other topics.

Including...A Field Guide To Climate Anxiety.

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What Is Climate Anxiety

What is "Climate Anxiety"? According to  Sarah Jacquette Ray, Humboldt State University environmental studies professor, after experiencing rising temperatures, flooding, and wildfires in recent years, many college students today are looking for ways to cope with  "a sense of grief, hopelessness, and anxiety due to the magnitude of the climate crisis."

How To Learn More

Professor Ray is going to present a free webinar for the Central Washington University community and others interested in exploring how to remain optimistic in the era of climate change.

The February first event is being sponsored by CWU Sustainability and CWU Libraries, will take place from noon to 1 p.m. focusing on ideas from her book on how to "Keep Cool on a Warming Planet."

Dealing With Feelings As Well As Climate

The inspiration for her approach to her message was the impression that most everything college students were being taught about climate change was doom and gloom, and she wanted to give students ways to accept the challenges of climate change with "hope and empowerment."

During Tuesday’s webinar, Jaquette Ray will discuss:

  • The role emotions play in how we think and act on climate change.
  • Exploring feelings of grief and helplessness associated with the climate crisis
  • Engaging with, and not turning away from, the challenges we face
  • Centering social justice in the climate movement
  • The power of reframing environmentalism as a movement of abundance, connection, and well-being

How To Join The Conversation

Anyone interested in the webinar is invited to attend in Samuelson Hall room 103 or via the Zoom link at noon Tuesday. If you would like to read a free digital version of A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety, visit the CWU Libraries website.

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