• Beggars on Yakima city streets might have to think about getting a job after the city Public Safety Committee Friday approved a number of restrictions to be considered by the full city council in the near future.

    The committee voted to criminalize aggressive begging and prohibit the receipt of items from vehicles at 15 major intersections in Yakima. The intersections include 40th and Summitview, First and Nob Hill, 16th and Nob Hill. All are popular areas for local panhandlers.

    The full list of intersections includes: S 1st and Washington, S 1st and Nob Hill, 40th and Nob Hill, 16th and Nob Hill, 40th and Summitview, 16th and Tieton, 40th and Fruitvale, S 3rd Ave and Nob Hill, Fair Ave and Nob Hill, S 1st and Mead, S 18th St and Nob Hill, 16th and Lincoln, 40th and Tieton, 1st St and Yakima, and 16th and Summitview.

    The new proposals will be in front of the city council for approval on September 3.

  • Danger Deep Water. That's what a sign says that was approved by the Yakima City Safety Committee Friday.

    The sign is expected to be placed in the pond at Kiwanis Park.

    The sign, in both English and Spanish is a result of the near drowning of two young boys who fell through the ice on the pond in February of this year. Both boys survived.

    The city council must approve the sign before it's placed in the park.