The Yakima City Council scheduled for this coming Tuesday had been moved to Monday August 6th at 6 pm due to Tuesday's National Night Out activites.

On the agenda is the council repeal of the city's pit bull ban.  30 plus years, hundreds   of pit bulls confiscated or moved out of the city over that period of time, all in the name of a safer community.

Wait, this just in...

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Port Richmond neighborhood is struggling to come to grips with a tragic loss after a toddler is mauled to death by pit bulls.
For Rash, he says the horrors of watching multiple pit bulls attack and kill a 2-year old-boy still resonates in his mind. “I cried for like four hours. I cried at the station, talking with the cop, with the detectives,” said Rash.
...and we're back.  That was a story from yesterday!  And that is the point-those kind of deadly stories pop up all the time.  Yakima had pit bull attacks in the news just recently.

So why is the city council going to open the door to more pit bulls than those which are already here illegally?  Is it because a council member has been fortunate not to have a problem with pits in the past and still wants one now?  What else motivates such change in concern for public safety?  I would suggest that anyone's personal story be compared against the convincing national statistics on the comparative frequency and overwhelmingly vicious nature of pit bull bites and maulings. 
The pit bull dangerous behavior has been well documented - pit bulls attack without warning, pit bulls don't seem to feel pain and are nearly impossible to disengage once they bite, etc etc.   The information is out there.  For Example -

On the other hand, pit bulls have their loyal fans.  They'll tell you it's all about how the dog is raised.  However, they can't guarantee that everyone raises them right.  They'll tell you we have a new dangerous dog law that says IF you or your child or your pet gets injured or killed, well then, there will be consequences.  Great.

Dangerous dog laws give dogs the first bite for free.  Thanks city council.   It may be too late to stop this reckless and unnecessary decision.  But I encourage you to show up at the city council meeting on Monday and tell them how much you appreciate their concern for your family's safety.
Remind them that we do take proactive steps that work even if they don't eliminate every single occurrence.  We put up speed limit signs where kids play but not everybody slows down, we fund anti-gang units to patrol our neighborhoods but not all gang activity is suppressed, we put locks on our doors and some doors are still kicked in and we had a pit bull ban that was working to limit the public's exposure to potentially dangerous dogs.   Why change now?   Who gets the blame if and when the the next "legal" pit bull attack happens?

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