It's always interesting to learn more about ourselves, to discover more about the human condition and what drives us to do what we do.  With that thought in mind, what drives our food choices when hungry?  Is it possible that path was set even before we were born?

At 6'4" tall, I have some pretty big mitts.  I could easily palm a basketball back in the day.  As a card trick guy, having big hands is an advantage but not a necessity but when it comes to grabbing popcorn from the passing of the family bowl, or collecting finger food at the buffet, big hands are a must.  But in all my years of chomping on chow, I neve noticed the one thing about my hands that is supposed to be a tell-tale sign of my preference for food.

Look at your hands right now before you read any further and take note which is longer - your pointer or index finger versus your ring finger.
Ok, which finger is longer...your index or your ring?
Here's why.  According to a study reported in the UK Daily Mail  people having a longer index finger supposedly means that as an unborn child, you had a higher exposure to testosterone in the womb and extra testosterone time means more masculinity.
"In an experiment, people who had index fingers longer than their ring fingers made more “masculine” food choices—regardless of whether they were actually men or women. Researchers found people with similarly sized index and ring fingers were also more likely to choose “masculine” foods such as burgers, Coca Cola, and hard liquor. People with ring fingers longer than their index fingers were more likely to choose “feminine” foods such as salads, Diet Coke, white wine, and shrimp."
Does that feel right to you, based on your hands and your tastes?  Researchers say it's not a 24-7 kind of thing.  In fact, the preferences only show up when people are really hungry.  As as index finger dominant guy, the study proves true for about you?
Brad Flowers;Dwight Pottorf
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