Not everybody learns the same way and at the same pace.  I'm a hands-on learner myself and I know a lot of people like that so it makes perfect sense to me that if a person wanted to teach kids about running a business, having them run a business would be a great idea!

At Yakima's Madison House they do just that.  Students learn about the biz of business by selling and shipping apples as gifts for Christmas.

Madison House Saves and Changes Lives

But first, what is Madison House?  The organization is part of the umbrella of services offered by Yakima's Union Gospel Mission.  Their website says: "We believe God has a purpose for each of His children and Madison House stands to shine a light of hope into the lives of kids surrounded by intergenerational poverty, substance abuse, and gang activity."

For more than 30 years, Madison House Community Youth Center at 302 S. 4th St. has worked to help kids with homework help, guidance in personal responsibility, encouragement in character & spiritual growth, providing a safe space for young people ages 5-20, with weekly participation of 100  individuals.

 Madison House Programs include:

  • Learning Lab for school-aged kids doing virtual learning

  • Mentorship

  • Bible studies

  • Fine arts opportunities​

  • Computer training

  • Basic financial literacy

  • Field trips

  • Healthy athletic activities

    • Basketball and tennis courts

    • Indoor/outdoor soccer fields

    • Spring Flag Football program

    • White Pass' 'SOS Outreach'

    • MAD Yak bike shop

    • Hiking/camping trips

  • College scholarship guidance

  • Nightly meals prepared by YUGM Meal Services

  • Summer Camp

Order Some Apples Here

And of course, the Christmas Apple Business, the details of which you can find right HERE.

In a nutshell, (or is that an apple peel) what started out ten years ago as a mentoring program has blossomed into a creative and successful way for Madison students to save money for their future by selling boxes of high-quality Washington-grown apples.  Arturo and Yoli, a couple of young apple entrepreneurs took advantage of a radio station invite to encourage everyone to buy apple gift boxes for family and friends for Christmas.


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