• Businesses that fix air conditioning units and heat pumps are busy in the valley this week with upgrades and repairs as people want to stay cool in the hot weather.

    Casey Thaxton is the owner of Yakima's Comfort Pros Heating and Air Conditioning who says his phone started ringing at 5:00 a.m. Monday morning from people looking for some relief from the heat. Thaxton says if you own a heat pump it needs to be maintained.

    “It needs to be checked out and maintained about every 6 months.”

    And Thaxton says don’t forget to change those filters on a regular basis.

  • Rather than building a new city jail to handle an ever increasing city jail population, the Yakima City Council is expected to enter into a 5-year agreement with the county to house city inmates in the Yakima County Jail. The city has been studying the issue for the last year as to deal with the need for more jail space. City officials have looked at all the options including building a new jail and have now decided tentatively to contract with Yakima County. An agreement is expected to be before the Yakima City Council at tonight’s council meeting set for 6:00 p.m. at city hall.