For most people, jury duty is an inconvenient task at the least. At the same time, it speaks to our fundamental rights as American citizens.

I've been a registered voter since the age of 18. Voter registration used to be the primary data base from which potential jurors were picked in Washington State.  Now, it also comes from driver's licenses. That increased the potential jury pool, but it seems that some people get called on an annual basis.

As an adult, I have had to report for jury duty on five  occasions. I have yet to serve on a jury. I've never made it out of the jury pool, but I came close last week. I think it has to do with working at a news talk radio station. In any case, I still have yet to be appointed to a jury for a case.

Like I said before, most people look at jury duty as a pain in the neck, something to get out of. I'm fortunate that my employers here at Townsquare Media are supportive of this civic duty. I mean, how many of us get to participate in the justice system on such an important level? It really makes the preamble to the constitution and the simple phrase "We the people" come home. It's citizens governing citizens.

One day left to call in. I probably just jinxed it!