If you’re planning a visit to check out some Yakima Valley breweries and wineries, you’re in for a treat, especially if you want to go to the ones with the best garden or patio views. I have 9 suggestions for you!

The Yakima Valley is home to some 20 breweries and close to 90 wineries. We are a hub for great craft brews and local specialties from the vineyards. There’s even a handy craft beer map you can peruse, thanks to the folks at VisitYakima.com. They don’t call it “Yakima Hop Country” for nothing.


Yakima Valley
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In this article, I’ll keep it short and sweet. I’ve included breweries and wineries located from a short trek from downtown Yakima, past the city limits for small town charm to Naches and Cowiche, and even take you down the Lower Yakima Valley to the city of Wapato. You’ll find amazing views of the Valley from beer and wine gardens at each one of these places.

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If you don't get enough munchies from the breweries and wineries (they often have food trucks on site), then feel free to check out my recommendations here for great eats in downtown Yakima as well as other places in the city here.

Food Trucks at Yakima Valley Wineries and Breweries

If taco trucks and Mexican food is more your craving, read this list of local favorites or if you are hunting for happy hour places around town, read this.

9 Impressive Beer and Wine Patio Views in the Yakima Valley

Once you've tasted the best of our Yakima Valley hops and grapes and want something else to do besides drink and eat, here is a list of local fun attractions to see and do.

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