I was driving around downtown Yakima the other day on the hunt for some great mural selfie walls and I noticed something out of the corner of my eye as I came to a full stop at the end of the alley by the Orion Cinemas & Mickey's Pub.

It was a pair of beautiful black ladies' shoes, with one shoe positioned perfectly on top of the other. Surrounding the shoes were strategically placed rocks and autumn leaves. On the top of one of the shoes lies a cobalt blue armband, embossed with a white design of unicorn heads.

I asked my Facebook friends if any of them knew the meaning behind this shoe shrine but no one seems to know the story. Do you?

Oftentimes when one sees a shrine of this sort it means that someone was killed at the location. I hope nothing tragic like that happened on the corner there by the alley, but the sad feeling in my gut tells me otherwise. I don't know whom this shoe shrine is dedicated to, but I can tell that she was loved and is still dearly missed.

I searched online to see if any news stories would come up about a possible crime victim on Chestnut Ave or S 2nd Street, but nothing was found.

What do you know about this black shoe shrine, and do you know who the shoes may have belonged to?

Spotted: A pair of beautiful black shoes, leaves, and rocks on the sidewalk at the alleyway corner between Orion Cinemas (202 E Chestnut Ave) and E. Z. Tiger restaurant (222 E Chestnut Ave).

Shoe Shrine
Reesha Cosby via Facebook
Shoe Shrine Close Up
Reesha Cosby via Facebook
Shoe Shrine close up Unicorn arm band
Reesha Cosby via Facebook

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