Why is fall the best time to visit Washington state?

It is because we know the snow is coming so this is our last chance to get around without scary white-knuckle driving over the passes? (That’s my valid reason, at least.) Is it because the autumn leaves are changing into those gorgeous fall Crayola colors like “Burnt Sienna” and “Yellow-Green”?

Some of my favorite activities didn’t make the list of most popular searched things to do in Washington. I love things like going to random toga parties at the end of the white water rafting season in Rimrock. I love being invited to friends' backyard campfire parties out in the woods. I love making fresh cider at the U-Pick farms in the Washington countryside. I also love searching recipes that are fall favorites, like chili casseroles, potato soups, and pumpkin bread.



1 . The Official Washington State Tree Is the Western Hemlock

It changes color in the fall to a pale yellow and some of its needles (aka, its leaves) will fall off.

The Official Washington State Tree is Western Hemlock


2 . The Official Washington State Mushrooms Are Chanterelles.

The autumn month of October is one of the best times to go foraging for mushrooms.

The Washington State Official Mushrooms are Chanterelles


3 . The Official Washington State Bug Is the Western Ladybug.

They love to come out and play in the fall!

The Official Washington State Insect is the Western Ladybug

12 Most Popular Things to Do in Washington in the Fall

Based on analysis of online search data, these were the most popular things people want to do.

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby

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