There’s an Irish pub down the road from me, and during major holidays, it gets packed with locals at night. Most of these lads and lassies are home for the holidays, so they meet up at this pub to hang out with old friends and have a beer or two.

The old Irish pub in my town has a time tested reputation for being a great place to get away from it all during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday week, before heading back home to listen to family members bicker about this and that, politics, religion, and of course, yelling over football game scores on TV.

Washington state has some really fun Irish bars from the border of Idaho near Coeur D’Alene like the Crown & Thistle Pub, down to Lucky's Bar in Spokane, up the center through Yakima at McGuire's, and all the way over to White Horse Pub on Orcas Island.

The title of the very best Irish Pub in Washington, however, goes to a historical gem, loved by many types of people, including yours truly. It holds a special place in my heart for its mystical, mysterious, and chill vibes. 24/7 Wall St compiled results from Irish-centered websites and Yelp reviews to figure out which Irish pub is Washington state's best.


Owl N Thistle Irish Pub Named one of the best Irish Pubs in America
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Built on downtown Seattle cobblestone roads in 1889, The Owl N’ Thistle Irish Pub used to be a cafeteria and a restaurant before it officially became an Irish pub in the 1990s. 

The Owl N' Thistle Irish Pub is said to be haunted by a shy, piano-playing ghost.

Owl N Thistle is supposed to be haunted by a shy piano playing ghost.
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These days, Owl N’ Thistle is the place where locals and tourists mingle to enjoy gastropub and live music. If you’re lucky, you might catch an authentic Irish folk band playing there, too!

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🍀 Luck of the Irish: One of the BEST Irish Pubs in Americais Seattle's Owl N' Thistle

808 Post Ave

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby

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