I probably have too many of my own to mention, other than a few. Little things that make you more annoyed than they should.  Are there any pet peeves that we all share here in Yakima?

We all have pet peeves, those little things that annoy us beyond belief. Here's my personal favorite right now.


People who don't pay attention to traffic signals. Especially green right turn arrows. You don't have to stop,  people! It's free right turn. Wake up!



Actually, this one belongs to my wife,  Sandy.  People who flick their cigarette butts out of their car window. For a while, you could actually report someone doing this by calling a state anti-littering hotline number. You gave them the location and the offending person's license plate number, and they would contact the person. This program ran out of funding last year. I think people do this so that they don't dirty their car ashtray, therefore rationalizing that they really don't smoke in their car. Lame

So, there's a couple of pet peeves to ponder. How about you? Be sure to leave a comment.