Olympia City Council Bans Smoking, Vaping in Parks
OLYMPIA (AP) — Smoking and vaping at all Olympia public parks will be prohibited starting in 2018.
The Olympian reports the Olympia City Council approved the proposal Tuesday to take effect in January 2018.
Associate Parks Director Jonathan Turlove says there are no plans to issue civil infracti…
What's vaping all about?
Many people are finding a way to kick the smoking habit by taking up vaping. What is vaping? It's defined as the following; “To inhale water vapor into the lungs.”
Cigar Bars Could Return to Washington State
For the fourth time since a smoking ban took effect, Washington state is seeing a movement to give cigar lovers state-regulated places to smoke.
A bill passed unanimously Thursday by the Commerce and Gaming Committee of the Washington state House would legalize cigar bars and smoking rooms in tobacco…
Should Smoking Be Banned In Yakima Parks? [POLL]
This past week at the Yakima City Council meeting, Sara Bristol brought up the idea of banning smoking in city parks. It's an interesting proposition and one I think most families would agree with. Other cities around the country have enacted similar bans. So as we wait for this issue to come b…