The Harman Center's Recreation Program Supervisor Leslie Richards recently conducted a survey on the Center’s Facebook page gauging interest in online classes and virtual group meetings. Bingo!  A press release also indicates the City of Yakima has heard the word from the community and as a result the Harman Center  is offering its first online class via Zoom.

“We do not want any of our senior population to feel isolated at this time,” said Leslie Richards.  At 1:00 pm next Tuesday, April 14th, the Harman Center will offer its first virtual class on essential oil, highlighting Eucalyptus.

Contact Recreation Program Supervisor Leslie Richards at 576-6402 or e-mail to sign up ... Richards posted a video on the Facebook page demonstrating how to set up a Zoom account. Information about the class is also available on the Harman Center’s Facebook page at

In response to social distancing due to COVID-19, Yakima's Harman Center is also announcing a “Hotline for Seniors.” It is available by calling the Center’s main number at 575-6166.



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