A lot more homeless people are living on the streets of Yakima Today according to the Yakima Union Gospel Mission Executive Director. Mike Johnson says there was a 104% increase in homelessness in 2021 in Yakima.

The mission emergency shelter is at capacity almost every night

He says because there's so many more homeless many people are having to make tough decisions like how they’ll survive a night without shelter. Johnson says it's heartbreaking and he's hoping you can help. He says the adult shelter has 150 beds to meet the urgent need for emergency shelter in Yakima. But he says many nights, they have far more requests than beds available. When that happens Johnson says they put mats on the floor to bring everyone they can inside and off the streets. Give today at yugm.org

Johnson urges people to not give to those on the streets but rather to the mission

Johnson says it's the people of Yakima that can step and help with a donation to the mission. He says giving money to people on the street does no good and it's often used for drugs or alcohol. Instead a donation to the mission will provide a night of safe shelter and gives the homeless a chance to get back on their feet. The Mission makes that possible through:
Recovery programs
Christ-centered counseling
Job training
Bible study
Help finding affordable housing

You can also help by shopping at a mission thrift store

Maybe you've been shopping at one of the thrift stores owned by the mission this year. The new store Summit Thrift opened early 2021 at 56th and Summitview. The original Lighthouse Thrift Store on South Front Street and the Lincoln Mission Thrift store located on Lincoln Avenue are also open. Johnson says the stores generate enough money to fully fund all administrative costs at the mission meaning no salaries or other costs come from donated dollars. So when you donate all your dollars go to help those needing help at the mission.

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