If you've been shopping this holiday season it's likely you've walked by the toy section at a Yakima store. If you don't have kids you may not have walked down an isle to view the latest toys kids are excited about this Christmas. But even if you don't have kids everyone loves toys. You remember putting those toy lists together and admit it you miss those days. Some of you are old enough to remember thumbing through the Sears Christmas catalog circling favorite toys in the toy section. You were hoping you'd find what you want under the tree on Christmas day.


Admit it you'd love to have that toy you played with as a kid

Toy manufacturers love kids but according to information from the market research company NPD Group they also love adults who love toys as well. In fact the group says two things are keeping the toy industry alive these days. Inflation and "kidults". That's right kidults. Those are adults to love toys and adults who still purchase toys.

Kidults are keeping the toy industry profitable

The group says kidults account for one-fourth of all annual toy sales which adds up to about 9 billion every year. Are you a kidult? If you answer yes you're spending a lot of money on toys and you're buying pensive toys things you couldn't afford to didn't get as a child.
You still love cartoons, superheroes and collectibles that remind you of your childhood.
In case you're wondering what your fellow kidults are buying? Action figures, Lego sets, and dolls.



I've collected toys for decades and have some I played with as a kid

For me it's a wonderful time of year since I have collected toys for more than 40-years. My mother never threw away my favorites and they still sit on my shelves and in boxes at my home. One of my favorites when I was a kid was a remote control race car. I remember being so excited to get the toy but when it arrived it was broke. My parents found repair parts at Yakima's Clover Leaf hobby store and I was off to the races.
This Christmas season I was walking through the toy section of a Yakima store when a remote controlled dune buggy (what I call it) jumped off the shelf and into my arms. I'm now loving the snow but awaiting a dry day when I can open up the RC and have fun just like I did years ago.


Do you think of yourself as a kidult?

What were your favorite toys?
What are the favorite toys for your kids this year?
Have you been toy shopping lately?
If you haven't been to the toy section of a local store don't you think it's time? You are a certified kidult.

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