Yakima Mayor Micah Cawley says it's another day of snow removal. He everywhere in the city...city crews have been working for days to clear the streets. They're fighting an uphill battle as snow continues to fall on newly plowed streets. Yakima Street Maintenance Director, Wayne Deason expects every part of the city to see relief within a couple days. He says his crews are working overtime. They're pulling 12-15 hour shifts. All that time on the clock is costing the city big bucks. After less than a week, the city snow fund is all used up.  Outside contractors are costing the city tens of thousands each day. Not to mention, fuel, employee pay and overtime. The city will keep plowing, no matter the cost.

the exact cost of the storm won't be calculated until the weather gets better and streets are clear. but no doubt it'll be a big impact on the budget.


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