Yakima County Sheriff Bob Udell says he has no plan to write letter urging people to ignore the state's stay-at-home order but he knows other sheriff's that are thinking about doing that.

Franklin County Sheriff J.D. Raymond is one of the first to write and post a letter saying he's concerned about the governor's authority to control people's daily activities and constitutional rights.
Yakima Sheriff Udell says he has the same concerns but he also believes the stay-at-home order is good for the health of the state and he urges everyone to "listen to the governor."
Udell says he's talked with the Yakima County Prosecutor and both agree they won't take action to stop local churches from holding worship services. Udell says deputies aren't stopping people or barring people from certain areas. He says he's just hoping people will comply with the order so things can get back to normal. Udell says at this time he has no plans to write a letter to the governor or post a letter about the current COVID-19 restrictions.

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