By now you have likely heard 4th District Congressman Dan Newhouse's reasoning for voting to impeach President Trump with a few scant days left before the end of Trump's term and his leaving office.  Newhouse cast his vote, without a hearing, evidence, witnesses or testimony from the accused.  In other parts of the country that's what might be called something like a kangaroo court...but why insult kangaroo's at this point.
Plenty of Newhouse supporters aren't happy about his decision.  So while Democrats praise him for what to them represents "courage", Republicans are more likely to use words like betrayal, compromised and turncoat.  His critics include the Yakima Republican Women's club.
In a news release club leadership says they condemn what happened with the break in at the Capitol on Jan 6 saying it was truly unpatriotic but not caused by Trump. " We do not believe that President Trump incited this violence; he specifically told his supporters to march to the capitol to “peacefully and patriotically” protest the election results.  Therefore, the impeachment of Pres. Trump on Jan. 13 had no merit beyond political revenge for the past four years."
If you start with that, there's little justification for a vote to impeach and that's exactly how the Yakima Republican Women feel. "The members of the Yakima Republican Women’s Club are very unhappy ...we waited to issue this response until we heard from Rep. Newhouse ...having read his statement of Jan. 15, we find it wholly inadequate to explain his vote.  None of the offenses that Rep. Newhouse attributed to the President rise to the standard of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”
The club says it stands against overtly political actions such as this and they urge everyone to up their education on how the Republic is supposed to function.
The Republican Women's Executive Board consists of Ann Bowman, President -  Peggy Allan, 1st Vice President - Anna Schroeder, 2nd Vice President - Doris Sonstelie, Secretary - Julie Bos, Treasurer.

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