It is a big weekend in Yakima as the city is having their annual Hot Shots 3-on-3 Tournament this weekend.

Businesses and spectators know that this event, and events like these, put Yakima on the map as a place to go.

They acknowledge that it is these big events that not only boost local economy, but also generate a buzz across the state about our city and what we have to offer.

"I think it's one of the biggest 3-on-3 tournaments on this side of the mountains," said Melissa Poquette who lives in Morton, Washington.

"It brings people from out of the area, and kind of gets them interested in what Yakima has to offer," said Sports Center Owner, Molly Carroll.

Hot Shots is a very effective marketing tool for the city. It might be the only time some people come to Yakima.

"We look forward to it, we had a great time last year and we look forward to a lot of years of this in the future," Carroll said.

Put on by the Yakima Sports Commission, Hot Shots, and events like this, not only boost the economy, they draw in people from outside of Yakima. One spectator tells us she came from about two hours away all to watch the teams play.

"We do all of our summer tournaments here in Yakima, we always come here. We have been coming for a long time," Poquette said.

Business owners in downtown agree; events like Hot Shots seem to give the city, and the people, a new found pride for Yakima.

"I think it re-energizes and gets people to just go out and do something physical and enjoy their kinds and families. When I was a kid, they did not have these types of things so much I think it is a great thing for kids, and families and for the community," Carroll said.

Organizers said 22 percent of the participants this year are not from Yakima.

Hot Shots goes this entire weekend and ends Sunday night in downtown Yakima.

The event is free to the public and is a great way to be part of the community and show some Yakima pride.