Here's what happens when passion meets purpose.  Sean Davido is the operational brains behind the awesome new Yakima Police Department (YPD) lipsync video to the song "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.

He will tell you about all the help he had and it's true, it was a major collaborative effort with some great performances by creative co-conspiritor YPD officer Lyn Thorn, and especially by video front-man YPD officer Frank Bowersox and the cast of thousands, but this is quintessential Sean Davido.

His love of video, visual storytelling and the Yakima Valley is clearly on display throughout this clever piece of whimsy in which the good people of the Yakima Valley are urged to come together, work together and never stop believing in their community and each other.

There's plenty of humor, iconic images and the never ending push for all to meet as a community on North Front Street for a Downtown Summer Nights musical celebration.

Check out the looks on the faces of all involved.  The smiles are big and real, the enthusiasm is something we haven't seen in a while and the delightful humanizing of our police and first responders is magic.

I've worked with Sean in TV news and enjoyed his friendship for 25 years or more.  His video work is second to none and for all the stories told and images shared over the years, this may be his finest hour.

This is just what every community needs to lift spirits and lighten up.  Great Job everyone and to Sean Davido, you did it man and it ROCKS!




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