Pawn shops are busy in the Yakima Valley and in other parts of the state as people look for ways to pay for record high gas and grocery prices. Diane Mabry, co-owner of Yakima's Best Way Pawn says she's seen a huge increase in customers over the last year as the Biden administration pushes policies that are pushing up the cost of living.

Working people between 30 and 60 are looking for extra cash

Mabry says a majority of the people seeking loans are from 30 to 60-years-old who are working and looking for ways to pay gas, grocery and other bills. She says during the pandemic business was down while people stayed home and used stimulus money to survive. She was hoping business would increase after the pandemic was over but it was still slow. Mabry says the increase in people seeking loans has been over the last year. She says many of those looking say paychecks don't last until the end of the month so they've turned to help from pawn brokers.

Maybry says she's seeing new and regular customers looking for help

Mabry says she's seeing lots of new customers but also customers who she hasn't seen in years as prices rise. People seeking loans is good news for the pawn business. Mabry says they expected the increase and where fully prepared. She says she's glad her business can help those in the community who need it during a time of rising gas and grocery prices.

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