Here's a question for you Yakima.

What would you fast forward through or bypass about "life in Yakima" if you had a "Skip" button?

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Things We All Could Skip

I'm all in on bypassing the "Low Clouds & Fog" forecasts that mark portions of our late fall and early spring.

Lance Tormey says he'll "skip into" on "the Summer Months" so he can get back to skiing as soon as possible.

Jacksonian finds himself in need of travel to Seattle and Spokane from time to time and he would "skip intro" on "travel time" getting from Yakima to other cross-state destinations.

No waiting in line at coffee shops....No waiting at the waiting for the cherries/peaches/apples to waiting for the wine to waiting for Seahawk's Season or the Mariner's spring training to begin...the list of potential time savers could go on long enough that perhaps our list of short cuts needs a shortcut!  But I am grateful for one shortcut I do get.

Spare Me The Intros

I watch a lot of Netflix shows from around the world and many of them have lengthy produced intros to each episode.  They are good to watch - ONCE.  After that, give me the “Skip Intro” feature and fortunately, they do!

Thanks to Netflix for the real Savings Time and why not,  Netflix users love it. Netflix’s director of product innovation says Netflix users hit the “Skip Intro” button 136 million times a day.

136 million times.... each and e-v-e-r-y single day!  What does that add up to?  How about nearly two centuries of time each day!  (195 years to be exact!)

Good Enough For One, Good Enough For All

Netflix initially originally planned to have the skip intro feature limited to just 150 series in the US, UK, and Canada, but the wildly popular feature was extended to other programs and other streaming platforms including Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, soon followed suit.
A Netflix engineer is quoted as observing:
I’m not sure that if you put a button that said ‘free cupcake’ that it would get more clicks than ‘Skip Intro'.

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