The last time we saw gas prices sky rocket like this was in the 2008 recession. With hundreds of people still out of work and the holidays here, everyone is now stressing about it.

But what about western Washington, are the prices just as bad there if not worse? We'll take a look and compare just how bad it is and how you can prepare before you travel.

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The gas prices around Yakima seem to even out around $3.87 a gallon which can get really spend when you/re filling up your tank. The best thing to combat it is to save up those rewards points you get at Safeway or Fred Meyers and redeem them at the pump before you travel.

This can help you cut a bit of the cost especially while traveling during the holidays or going over the pass to see family and friends. Now once you're in Western Washington that's another story.

The average price of gas in Western Washington is currently sitting around $4.24 in the middle of prices. So needless to say we don't have it as bad here in Eastern Washington but if you are making that trip more likely than not you'll need to get gas on the way back.

So if you can afford $3.87 a gallon I would just fuel up here then use your discounts once you're ready to come home. There is no clear end in site with the rise of these gas prices but hopefully after the holidays we'll start to see a drop.

Now all of this being said surprisingly enough diesel is actually on the cheaper end ranging around 3.70 in western Washington. So take advantage of that if you can.

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