With no traffic unit operating at the Yakima Police Department because of a lack of officers working in patrol are doing double duty. They've been busy arresting drunk drivers this year. In fact a recent report shows officers have arrested 174 drivers under the influence so far this year. They say that's 31% of all criminal traffic citations and when people drive drunk they risk injuring or killing others. It's why it's such a serious offense.

The latest DUI crash in Yakima happened Tuesday night

Officers are investigating a dui related crash on Tuesday night in Yakima. According to the Yakima Police Department Facebook page on Tuesday an intoxicated male driver was driving westbound on Tieton Dr from 32nd Ave. Police say the "driver proceeded to veer into the eastbound lane, striking a vehicle with a female driver and passenger. The female passenger was trapped inside the vehicle, resulting in Firefighters having to use the jaws of life to extract her. Fortunately she had only minor injuries. The intoxicated driver was arrested for DUI and placed into the Yakima County jail.

Target Zero Teams are working in Yakima along with local police

The goal to put a stop to DUI driving is the goal of the Washington Traffic Safety Commission and the Washington State Patrol. The state has created what's called Target Zero Teams and they've placed full-time Washington State Patrol  DUI squads in King, Pierce, Snohomish, Yakima and Spokane counties. They handle state highways and local police work to take drivers off of city streets so it's a team effort. But DUI drivers are still a big problem in Yakima and in the state the reason why authorities urge you to never drink and drive.

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