As a layperson on the outside looking in, it appears pretty straightforward to open and operate a restaurant. The owner should always have clean, sanitized utensils and kitchen equipment, employees must wash their hands before handling food and after returning from a bathroom break, and chefs should ensure food is cooked to the right temperatures appropriate for each type of food being served. Seems like a good ‘recipe’ to pass a restaurant health inspection, right?

I bet restaurateurs in Yakima County WISH it was that easy! There are so many rules and regulations at the Yakima County Health District. Rightly so, I mean, nobody wants to get sick after eating restaurant food, whether it’s inside a convenience store, a dine-in location, or a mobile food truck. Not following standard food health safety protocol could lead to lawsuits from patrons, and worse, getting a restaurant shut down temporarily.


Yakima County Restaurants That Failed 2023 Health Checks So Far

The Yakima County Health District sends out Plates and Environmental Health Specialists to inspect restaurants on a regular monthly basis. Health Inspectors do not randomly choose restaurants to inspect in Yakima County. Inspections are typically generated from consumer complaints, past  failed health inspections, and the types of food(s) being served by local county eateries. They observe the meals being served in restaurants, too.


Yakima Valley Restaurants That Flunked 2023 Checks So Far

Typically, restaurants fail Yakima County health inspections with low and high risk violations involving things including:


  • Improper food handling
  • Lack of cleanliness
  • Inadequate sanitation
  • Workers with no food handlers cards
  • Compliance manager not on site
  • Improper labeling (or lack thereof)
  • Nasty and dirty indoor facilities
  • Improper plumbing
  • Wastewater issues


Yakima County Restaurant Complaints

There’s a few things that can happen if a restaurant fails health inspection in Yakima County: 

  • Potential fines
  • Mandatory corrective actions
  • Follow-up inspections

The good news is, most restaurants in Yakima County pass their health district re-inspections with flying colors.

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Why the Buzz About Yakima County Restaurants Failing Health Inspections?

Restaurant Complaints Yakima County

It’s not something I always think about when ordering food, but I like to keep up with which restaurants fail health inspections from time to time. Restaurants should have accountability to keep their patrons safe from food-borne bacteria and other important Yakima County Health District standards.


List Of Yakima County Restaurants That Required Re-Inspection Or Failed Inspection In 2023

Please Note: The following restaurants and markets have ALL since corrected their Yakima Health District Low and High Risk violations (as of August 2023), with one exception.

If you have a restaurant complaint, you can get more info here.

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