Every nonprofit organization knows how important it is to get their message out to the public, to their clients and supporters.  That's not easy to do and most would hire a marketing and advertising consultant if they could afford it to "help them help us."

So, how does free sound?  A couple of Yakima area nonprofits will be selected to receive free marketing or advertising projects as part of Field Group’s 24-Hour Create for A Cause event on January 24, 2019.

The folks at Field, local marketing firm,is accepting nominations until January 13 when a selection committee comprised of local community leaders will help select worthy nonprofit projects.  Then the Field Group will turn lose all their energy and expertise on those projects for a straight 24 hours, delivering final products to the winners on January 25.

The Field Group says, "accepted projects for the 24 hour Create for a Cause may include a logo and brand refresh with brand related items, campaign development to raise awareness or funds with marketing collateral, or promotional pieces for a nonprofit event."

Find out more about Field Group’s 24 hour Create for a Cause event or nominate a nonprofit at

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