Here’s hopping you have a happy and Blessed Easter.  Hopping…like a bunny, get it?  So if the bunny happens to overdo it at your place, just how many of those iconic marshmallow yellow Peeps do you think you could eat in one sitting?  Don’t even think about taking on the challenge.

On Saturday April 8th, competitive eating champion Matt Stonie broke the world record for eating Peeps at the World Peeps Eating Championship in National Harbor, Maryland, devouring 255 of the sugar-coated marshmallow treats in just five minutes.

He shattered the previous record of 200 in five minutes, which Stonie himself set at the first-annual compettion last year. The 24-year-old also earned $1,750 in prize money and a Peeps-filled trophy.

Walmart offers a 15 count package for 12 bucks which means Matt’s prize money could buy him 2,187 additional peeps!  (FOX)

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