The city of Yakima is looking for artists to contribute to the "Windows Alive" program that is designed to beautify vacant buildings in downtown Yakima.

The program is the brainchild of the Yakima Arts Commission and they will chose the panel that will decide the winners. All artists whose work is displayed will receive $250.

The deadline for submissions is June 23rd and applications can be found on the Windows Alive website. In addition to the application, examples of work will be required for the panel to choose the winners.

Cheryl Hahn, an Arts Commission member, says in a press release that empty storefronts send the wrong message about downtown Yakima.

By filling them with art, we will create a more engaging and vibrant environment downtown while also providing local artists with a wonderful opportunity to showcase their work.

The winning art pieces will be displayed for four months and then replaced with new pieces for another four-month run.

Anyone with questions can contact Cheryl Hahn at 480-2547 or by email at