Why Doesn't Yakima Have a Chicken N Pickle Yet?

Why Doesn't Yakima Have a Chicken n Pickle yet?
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Pickleball has already been declared the official state sport of Washington and for good reason! It is such a fun game to play! Why Doesn't Yakima Have a Chicken N Pickle Yet?!

If you haven't heard of the Chicken N Pickle restaurant concept, boy are you in for a fun ride! But first, let's discuss the "pickle" in the Chicken N Pickle!

Pickleball was created in Washington state. Rumor has it that some guys in Yakima created the game some decades ago and took it on their travels to the Westside of the state near Gig Harbor and Seattle and them. Pickleball is almost identical to a blend of tennis and ping pong if you ask me. I learned the game right when the COVID-19 pandemic was just about to take its hold on the world, and right here in the Yakima Valley. I had even joined the Yakima Pickleball Club, that's how much I was enjoying the game.

Pickleball in Yakima at Franklin Park

My daughter, Willow, really took to pickleball and told me on the pickleball court that she wanted to become the kid pickleball champion of the world. I had visions of her becoming a little Venus and Serena Williams dancing in my head! Here are the rules of Pickleball in case you are curious!

Pickleball became the official state sport in 2022 in Washington, but it looks like the chumps over in the South and Southwest took advantage and made it into an exceptionally cool restaurant concept called Chicken N Pickle. It combines a chicken restaurant with a pickleball court. I am VERY hopeful that some brilliant entrepreneur will establish one of these eateries here in Yakima. Are you that someone?

There are a few pickleball courts in Yakima! Franklin Park is the most fun. The pickleball court was funded by the Tamaki Family Foundation, shout out to Precy and Blaine Tamaki! Other courts can be found at the Yakima Athletic Club and the Yakima Tennis Club.

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