The world's greatest inventions come from every corner of the globe, from the wheel to bridges, to homes and modern technology. However, some of these great inventions came from the evergreen state of Washington.

You may be shocked to see some of the things that were invented in Washington and of course, you'll see some you recognize and use in your everyday life, let us know if you think we missed something huge or more important that makes the list.

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5.) Pickel Ball / created by Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell

Like any game it was made during the summer with not much to do, two dads came up with the idea to help their kids pass the time. Funny enough the two dads were out on a golf outing and after returning home found their families bored and begging to go do something. Instead, they invented a game played around the country.

4.) Bass Guitar / Created by Seattle Musician Paul Tutmarc

In the 1930's musician and inventor Paul Tutmarc was looking for a deeper sound that a guitar couldn't provide, little did he know he would make a staple not only in rock and roll but jazz, hip hop, and music as a whole. After creating his invention John Fender took over in the 50s and gave us the bass guitar we know and use today.

3.) Backpacks / Loyd F. Nelson

Imagine a world where we have to carry everything in a purse or nap sack, that's the world we would live in without Loyd F. Nelson of the Seattle area. He was an explorer and a hiker that constantly explored the forests in Washington, after years of frustration trying to carry everything he created the backpack with sticks and a knapsack that he could carry on his back and free up his hands. Now we use them in everyday life for travel, exploring or school.

2.) Amazon / Jeff Bezos 

Jeff Bezos's dream was to create a world on demand, which he achieved. But originally Amazon was just an online book store where you could buy and sell books. This created a more affordable system for students as well as book lovers who wanted to order their books from home. Eventually, it became the go-to for online shopping whether it is for books, food, collectibles, gifts, and a whole plethora more.

1.) Microsoft / Bill Gates 

Once a dream of a young boy who created his first software at the age of 13 Bill Gates went on to co-found and create Microsoft, the biggest personal use software found in almost everyone's home. It helped create the boom of the internet with more people able to access it from their own homes on an affordable programming system.


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