Where it  started with only a one or two espresso vendors about 20 years ago, Yakima has definitely embraced the northwest coffee culture. It brings the question: Who makes Yakima's best espresso?

Latte, capuccino, breve, Americano. What were  once just foreign words to most of us are now part of our daily lives. Coffee consumption has come a long way from the days of the percolator, Mr. Coffee or office coffee strong enough to melt steel.  Now, you can get a variety of sophisticated coffee drinks at coffee shops and drive up coffee stands, most of which are in sight of one another.

We received a press release for Coffee Fest Seattle, to be held in Seattle in September. Coffee roasters and baristas from across the country will be competing for national honors.

That got us to thinking about who makes Yakima's best espresso. Is it a national giant like Starbucks, or the local drive thru stand?

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