Many people are finding a way to kick the smoking habit by taking up vaping. What is vaping? It's defined as the following; “To inhale water vapor into the lungs.”

Many consider vaping the best way for them to kick the habit or at least get away from the high cost of cigarettes. That's the case for those who purchase supplies at the Vape Spot in Yakima, which has two locations -- 711 Summitview Ave. and 1300 N. 40th Ave., Suite 105.
I don't smoke but I do enjoy a nice cigar every once in a while. So I purchased a vape pen and I'm loving it. My non-nicotine juice tastes like a smooth cigar and after a couple of puffs I can put it back in my pocket. No ashes. No reason to finish the entire cigar.

If I were a smoker, I'd certainly look to vaping as an alternative.

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