Hey Yakima! We are getting some love from across the country for our "cool" little town and the beer, spirits and wine we make here.

First, a plug for the region's wine industry or should I say the health benefits of the occasional sip of wine compared to other beverages.

For the record my wife Sara is a member of a couple of local wine clubs.  The Naches Heights Vineyard wine club and the Kana Winery wine club. Full bodied Reds are her favorites and I drink what she tells me!

While the Yakima Valley continues to produce world class wines, other parts of the world are doing research on wine and here's what they found.

This study, done in Scotland where they know a thing or two about whisky, found that when it comes to health, wine wins!

According to the Daily Mail "If you want a drink you’re better off reaching for wine than for spirits or beer...researchers found that people who consumed mostly spirits had a 25 percent increased risk of death, a 31 percent higher chance of having a major cardiovascular event, and had a 48 percent higher chance of developing liver cirrhosis compared to people who mainly drank wine."

Sorry Craft Beer lovers, the reports also says "Those who drank mostly beer or cider had similar risk levels to those who drank mostly spirits." 

(Don't get me wrong, this is not a put down of our ciders and beers. We make some of the best of those beverages too.)

So if you love wine, enjoy in moderation and come enjoy Yakima Valley wines and in fact, Smartertravel is recommending visitors do just that!

To those of us who really love Yakima, this won't come as a big surprise.  But unfortunately it seems some local folks don't always appreciate what we have but the authors of an online article in smarter travel talking about cool places to visit in 2021, Yakima made it into the Top 10!  Yes, Yakima...a cool place.  I hope you see it that way and help promote it!

The article references the weather, the fresh fruits and vegetables, our Craft Beer and wine, writing, "For anyone who travels for the food and drinks first and foremost, Yakima needs to be on your list."

Not bad huh?


And about our wine industry? "If wine is more your speed, the Yakima Valley is home to more than 17,000 acres of vineyards and more than 120 wineries. More than half of Washington’s famous wine grapes are grown in the valley, but the wineries are laid-back and easygoing unlike some of the name-brand wine destinations in the US. The town itself is a great jumping-off point to explore the urban and rural wineries and tasting rooms."

Not bad for our cool little home town.  Here's to getting covid on the ropes and for travel and tourism picking up in 2021.  We have a lot good things going on and lots to share.

Yakima's cool.  Cheers!


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