After moving to Yakima in June of 2021 I wasn't sure what to expect...actually that's a lie, I expected the worst and hoped for the best. Living in western Washington my entire life all I ever heard about the Yakima Valley were horror stories.

After living here for a year my perception and idea of Yakima have changed for the better. From now on when I'm asked what I think about Yakima I'll have real input instead of a fabricated one from Washingtonians hating on a city they've never visited. We'll take a look at my five favorite things I've learned about Yakima since moving here.

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5.) The Food

If you're looking for top-quality restaurants around Washington you'll find a lot on the westside, but like mama always said, "It's about quality, not quantity." Lucky for the Yakima Valley they have a little of both. I've come to love restaurants like Miners, 2nd street grill, Provisions, Cowichie Canyon, and Yakima Steak House. Obviously, I could sit here and list out amazing places to eat for days. But I think this covers the fact some of the best and freshest food is right here in the Yakima Valley.

4.) The Beer

We all love beer, right? Well in Yakima it's another story, not only do we love beer, but we love making it. Being one of the biggest hops producers in all of Washington and the PNW it's no surprise we have some of the most delicious beers, master brewers, and breweries available. Places like Bale Breaker, 5TH Line, Single Hill, Hop Capital. Honestly, the list goes on, the beer keeps flowing, and Yakima stays on top for some of the best brews.

3.) The Weather

The nickname is the Palm Springs of Washington and for good reason. The majority of the year it's beautiful out, with sunshine as far as the eye can see. However, we still get rain, snow, and even hail, thankfully it's nowhere near as chaotic as the west side and consistency can be expected when it comes to the weather.

2.) The People

People told me, that Yakimites were mean, cold, not welcoming, and all in gangs. I took that all with a grain of salt and I should have taken it with the whole salt shaker. The people of Yakima love their community, they show up time and time again to take care of it and the people around them. People are also kind, willing to help and taking care of one another. That's a big part of what makes Yakima so great.

1.) My Home

The best part about Yakima is everything above, but also the fact I get to call it my home. I've made amazing friends, met amazing people, and taken part in a lot of community events. The thing that opened my eyes to loving Yakima the most, is that it's my first time living on my own, and I've never felt more welcomed to a community.

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