When it comes to educating our kids, one size (or approach) does not fit all.

And yet, for the most part, we herd all our kids together and hope for the best.

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School Choice Week Is Coming

That's what School Choice Week is all about.  In Washington state, local schools, organizations, families, and individuals are planning some 279 celebrations for the Week of January 23-29. Another 25-thousand more will take place across the country. which will feature more than 26,000 activities nationwide.
Options are important for finding the right fit for your kids.  In Yakima, the public school system offers choices like Ike, Davis, and Stanton alternative, private schools such as LaSalle and Riverside Christian, online and at homeschooling.

The Majority of Parents Want School Choice

To raise awareness of the importance of choice, Gov. Jay Inslee has officially proclaimed Washington School Choice Week.   It's usually good policy when you line up with what the voters want and surveys show 69% of parents say they support school choice.  Teacher's unions aren't a fan, especially if they see public funding being diverted to alternative choices.
The numbers show that 52% of America's parents considered finding a new or different school for at least one of their children within the past year  Black and Hispanic or Latino parents search for school choices in even higher percentages.

School Choice isn't just about options, but about successful options.

Resources Are Available For School Choice

The celebrations will focus on community building, sharing student and teacher successes, and raising awareness about how to put kids first when it comes to education. The ultimate goal is to help families by highlighting schools so more kids can find learning that best fits their needs.

To download a guide to Washington school choice, use the school finder tool to search schools in our area.

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