Polls, polls, polls. They drive me crazy.  It's great to think you can look in on a situation or circumstance and get an accurate read - but can we really?  Look at ALL the polls that predicted a definite Clinton presidential win.  Since then, my faith in all polls has all but vanished.  I'll still mention them from time to time (like now) as a taking point....so here we go.

Two polls to touch upon.

"With the economy soaring, the president’s ratings on economic issues are on the rise. Voters are pretty happy with his foreign policy, too, .... But is the border children “crisis” dinging the president’s overall job approval numbers? With the left and its media allies in full cry, Trump’s job approval has fallen to 46% for the last two days, his lowest numbers since March..... ...however, most voters blame the parents of the separated children at the border for the latest illegal immigration controversy, not the federal government. "

So perhaps Trump has slumped a little, EVEN THOUGH voters blame the parents for putting their kids in the situation in the first place, it's still on Trump and the administration as to what happened next with those kids.  It shows the power of those "media allies in full cry".

They say the "truth shall set you free" but when the optics and exaggerated spin are presented as they have been, its difficult for the truth to be heard above the roar and to gain a toe hold.  In truth, every step of a 15-hundred mile journey across Central America and Mexico is MORE dangerous than any amount of time spent in a American detention center.  But 1.) it doesn't matter, you Nazi and 2.) how dare you even suggest that, you Nazi.   Here's hoping voters have seen through this by November.

The other poll I want to mention reaffirms a Trump Slump but goes into greater detail on a state by state basis.  The Poll of the Week comes from the 538 Blog.  It's

The finding there indicate "American politics is split between two immutable camps: Trump loyalists and Trump haters, and neither group ever changes its mind about anything. But the data here suggests more fluidity — and in Trump’s case, the movement is against him. Trump does have near-ironclad support (close to 90 percent approval, according to Gallup) among self-described Republicans nationally. But a Gallup poll conducted last year found that only about 40 percent of U.S. adults identify themselves as either Republicans or leaning toward the GOP. So that remaining 60 percent of the U.S. that identifies as Democrats and independents is likely where Trump has grown more unpopular."

The states with the biggest decline are New Mexico -31, Illinois -31and New York at -29.  States with the smallest decline are South Dakota -7, Alabama -6 and Louisiana -6.

Between January 2017 and May 2018 Washington State is reported as reporting a -24 point drop off.  (Pardon me if I ask if that's the Washington state that you know?)

Again, I don't pay much attention to the validity of polls but  they are interesting to look at from time to time. Even if only as an exercise in an attempt to seek out intent, bias or political manipulation.  And yes, I wish that wasn't the case.

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